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Date: June 06, 2005 06:08 PM
Subject: Full Spectrum™ Vitex Extract - Balances Female Cycles

  • Traditional Mediterranean Women’s Herb
  • Hormonal Balance for Women of All Ages
  • Full Spectrum Formulation
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  • Since its introduction into the United States several years ago, vitex has become an indispensable resource for herbal practitioners. Modern research suggests that vitex affects the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, thus influencing hormonal balance and helping to support a healthy menstrual cycle. Planetary Formulas provides two dynamic chaste berry products: FULL SPECTRUM VITEX EXTRACT tablets, combining a standardized extract and whole berries, and VITEX (CHASTE BERRY) LIQUID EXTRACT.

    Vitex products must be chosen carefully. Many utilize different species of vitex, whose usefulness may not have been confirmed through modern research or traditional use. Planetary Formulas VITEX (CHASTE BERRY) LIQUID EXTRACT is designed for those who prefer liquids. FULL SPECTRUM™ VITEX EXTRACT tablets combine a concentrated vitex extract, standardized to 0.5% agnusides, with whole berries. Combining standardized amounts of important constituents with pure botanicals is Planetary Formulas’ guarantee that all the important primary and secondary compounds are present.

    Traditional Mediterranean Women’s Herb

    Vitex is a pink-violet flowered shrub common to southern Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean basin. Its round black berries have been used by women since ancient times to bring balance to the female reproductive system. The Greek physician Dioscorides mentioned chaste berry some 2,000 years ago. He noted that its Latin name agnus castus, meaning chaste lamb, referred to the reputed property of its seeds, when taken as a drink, to reduce sexual desire—an association that has not been confirmed by modern research.

    Hormonal Balance for Women of All Ages

    Scientific research, while finding no effect on sexual desire, is confirming vitex’s role in influencing female cycles. Vitex has been found to modify the activity of the hypothalamus and pituitary glands and in this way to help regulate and balance female hormone production. Specifically, modern research suggests that vitex inhibits the secretion of prolactin. Vitex is indispensable for supporting a healthy reproductive system in women. It is the perfect complement to any women’s health program.

    Full Spectrum Formulation

    The combination of standardized berry extract with whole vitex berries maintains the integrity of pure vitex, while delivering standardized amounts of pharmacologically active constituents. This unique blending of classic herbalism with modern pharmacology is a trademark of Planetary Formulas. Offer your customers Planetary Formulas vitex products: the best of what traditional herbalism and modern science have to offer.

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