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Date: June 07, 2005 09:20 AM

  • The Hormone Balance
  • A Formula for Positive Change
  • Dear Friends,
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  • The “change.” A challenging transition, with extensive emotional and physical impact. Because the onset of menopause, beginning as early as age 40, places unique demands on a woman, Planetary Formulas created MENOCHANGE. This comprehensive formula integrates the traditional wisdom of herbalists with modern science. MENOCHANGE combines proven botanicals and herbs to support a safe, gentle and positive passage.

    The Hormone Balance

    Estrogen stimulates, affects and balances hundreds of processes. When its level fluctuates, the body’s internal balancing act is profoundly influenced. Periods become irregular, sleeping patterns change, and women often experience mood swings, hot flashes or weight gain. The body vainly tries to compensate for estrogen loss by releasing luteinizing hormone. This causes wild changes in skin temperature, resulting in hot flashes and night sweats. MENOCHANGE includes specific botanical phytoestrogens that are structurally similar to estrogen. Research demonstrates these phytonutrients may help to minimize luteinizing hormone release, thereby reducing the frequency of hot flashes. At the heart of MENOCHANGE is black cohosh root (Cimicifuga racemosa) extract, standardized to 2.5% triterpene glycosides, including 27-deoxyactein. This family of beneficial compounds may help reduce the occurrence of hot flashes. MENOCHANGE is further formulated in a base of classic Chinese herbs, featuring dong quai, the most important Chinese female tonic. Vitex berry (chaste berry) and wild yam root are added from the North American and European herbal traditions. Vitex berry, widely used in Europe for menopause, influences the pituitary gland, which affects the body’s natural production of hormones. Additional traditional herbs include bupleurum root, epimedium leaf, atractylodes rhizome, white peony root, poria cocos, gardenia fruit, moutan peony root, anemerrhena root, phellodendron root, motherwort leaf,ginger root & licorice root. Bone health is a big concern for postmenopausal women as estrogen is well known to affect calcium absorption and retention. Therefore MENOCHANGE includes calcium and magnesium citrate.

    A Formula for Positive Change

    MENOCHANGE expertly combines traditional herbal wisdom with modern scientific research to address the complexity of menopause. For a positive passage... choose Planetary Formulas MENOCHANGE.

    Dear Friends,

    MenoChange™ is an herbal combination that highlights the North American botanical black cohosh, along with vitex and dong quai. These are the primary herbs used by herbalists for centuries to support gynecological health, specifically the normal transition through menopause. This formula came out of my clinical work with many women over the past 10 years. I experimented with countless formulas before finalizing this particular combination. I have found that it works for the largest percentage of women that I see. It addresses gynecological wellbeing from many different perspectives, combining what I feel are the best principles of traditional Chinese herbalism with the findings of modern scientific pharmacologic research. I hope you enjoy Menochange as much as my clients do.

    Sincerely, Lesley Tierra, L.Ac.


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