Calm Child and Kids Immune Protect for the Healthy School Year...

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Date: August 29, 2005 01:41 PM
Subject: Planetary Formulas for a healthy school year!

Planetary Formulas for a healthy school year!

Calm Child and Kid’s Immune Protect

Your Customers Will appreciate Planetary Formulas’ unique, clinically developed herbal formulas, especially designed for getting kids ready for the new school year.

Calm Child

Children today live in a stressful world. Overstimulation can affect their behavior and concentration. Calm Child is a special herbal blend, designed to soothe the minds and bodies of children, particularly in their moments of restlessness, anxiety or stress. • Combines the soothing botanicals chamomile, lemon balm and catnip, with the nourishing tonifiers hawthorn, zizyphus, gotu kola extract, and amla. • Additional herbs and nutrients, traditionally used by cultures around the world, support alertness and focus in children. • Available as a tablet and a great-tasting alcohol-free liquid.

Kids’ Immune Protect

Kid’s Immune Protect liquid helps boost resistance at the start of winter and is especially helpful for back to school and day care challenges. • Formulated to support a vitally strong immune defense for children. • Based on a classic Chinese formula featuring astragalus, combined with the Chinese tonics, atractylodes and siler. • Astragalus has been shown in research to support the immune system and enhance T-cell and macrophage activity.

Clinically Derived Formulas from Michael Tierra

These children’s formulas are part of a botanical line developed by planetary’s chief formulator, Michael Tierra, a renowned herbalist and clinician for more than 30 years. They are used on a daily basis in his practice. The result: herbal products you can trust.

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