Be a Marvelous Milk-Making Mama

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Date: August 30, 2005 06:01 PM
Subject: Be a Marvelous Milk-Making Mama

Be a Marvelous Milk-Making Mama

Breastfeeding requires a lot of nutritional support. But increased calories intake (recommended: an extra 500 a day) isn’t the whole story—it’s the quality of your diet that really counts. Loading up on sugary junk might actually reduce the number of dirty diapers, a sign that your baby isn’t getting enough to eat.

Keep that milk coming by consuming plenty of complex carbs, the kinds found in whole grains, nonstarchy vegetables, beans and fruits, along with vegetable oils or butter to provide the high fat milk that infants find oh-so-satisfying. To help build baby’s bones and protect your own, take in at least 1000mg calcium and continue your prenatal vitamins.

Speaking of bones: Even-quality breast milk is low in vitamin D, which your little one needs to absorb calcium properly. Since the skin makes vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, take the baby outside for 20 minutes each day. If weather doesn’t permit it or the risk of sunburn concerns you, talk to your practitioner about giving your child supplements (Babies of vegan moms may need extra B12 as well).

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