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Date: August 30, 2005 06:36 PM
Subject: Giving Your Kids Nutrition in Disguise

Giving Your Kids Nutrition in Disguise

With a little crafty cooking, parents can sneak vegetables, fiber and fruits into their children’s food, delivering the nutrition they need—without the dreaded whining.

Sure it makes Popeye strong. But serving spinach on its own will get a universal “Ewwww, Gross!” reaction from kids. Hiding spinach, broccoli and notoriously yucky veggies in kids’ favorite foods delivers nutrition without resistance. Add finely chopped leafy greens and vegetables to spaghetti sauce, where they will go unnoticed by finicky kids. Mash some steamed cauliflower in with mashed potatoes, and throw in a sprinkly of Parmesan cheese the disguise the taste. Get the idea? Be stealthy , sneaky and creative.

Gradually start slipping fiber into kids favorite foods on the sly. Making meatloaf? Try using whole-wheat breadcrumbs. Quietly add some unprocessed wheat bran or oatmeal into delicious homemade muffins. Mix whole wheat pasta into macaroni and cheese. There minor recipe changes can add up to major fiber grains and increased fiber intake can help with your children’s weight loss as it supports their overall health. Take it slow, through—rapidly increasing fiber intake can disrupt kid’s digestion.

Making fruit smoothies together with children is a fun activity that can culminate in a healthy dose of energizing nutrition. Kids cant resist the sweet taste of a smoothie, and the process of blending different fruit combinations teaches kids that healthy foods can be fun, creative and exciting. By adding fruit-flavored liquid children’s multivitamins, parents can super charge their children’s smoothie with nutrition—without sacrificing great taste.

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