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Date: September 19, 2005 10:25 AM
Subject: PeakImmune4 to boost immune system and fight off disease.

Daiwa Health Development

New from Daiwa! PeakImmune4

Your Immune System Needs serious Protection!

Triple your NK Cell protection! Stress, Air pollution, chemicals, electromagtnetic energy, sugar and fatladen diets, you name it! Many aspects of our modern life style weaken the immune system.

There are lots of immune products on the market, but only PeakImmune4 has been clinically shown to triple the activity of Natural Killer cels--white blood cells that are considered the body's first line of defense.

PeakImmune4 is a dietary supplement based on the patented and proprietary Rice Bran Arabinoxyan Compound. Evidence from the forefront of modern science shows how PeakImmune4 may help safely and naturally modulate your immune system to perform its role against foreign invaders.

Scientific Studies show that PeakImmune4 works in four ways:

  • Triples Natural Killer cell activity
  • Doubles immune system T cell count
  • Increases B cell count
  • Boosts chemical messengers critical to intercellular communication for fighting foreign organisms.

    Since PeakImmune4 is an immune modulator, it does not result in either hyporesponsiveness or hyperesponsiveness of the immune system. It does not lose its effectiveness over time, nore does it cause the immune system to attack itself. Therefore, there is no need to cycle on and off PeakImmune4 as with some other immune products. PeakImmune4 keeps your immune system strong year after year.

    PeakImmune4 efficacy and safety has been shown in clinical studies and in practice by tens of thousands of users worldwide.

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