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Date: October 01, 2005 01:49 PM
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HonsoUSA / Kanion Yin Qiao

Introducing North America’s First Yin Qiao Softgel!

The First classic Chinese Yin Qiao Formula in the United States that incorporates advanced softgel technology: new KonsoUSA/Kanion Yin Qiao.

Yin Qiao herbal formula is regarded in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as highly effective for supporting natural defenses during the cold weather season. Devised almost 150 years ago, this formula combine’s honeysuckle (FLO lonicerae) and forsythia with peppermint, arctium fruit, schizonepeta, lophatherum herb, balloonflower root, semen sojae preparatum, and licorice. This herbal combination has been historically documented and clinically proven as an immune-enhancing formula.

There are many kinds of yin Qiao preparations on the market, including pills, tablets, and capsules. However all these preparations are dried powder from the herbal combination. The result is a loss of the formula’s volatile active compounds during the heat-drying process. These active constituents—for example, essential oils from peppermint and chlorogenic acid from honeysuckle—are critical for effectiveness.

Softgel technology has eliminated this drying process by directly packaging the liquid herbal extract into a gel-capsule. This process has drastically increased the bioavailability of Yin Qiao formula. Active therapeutic components are much higher than in traditional pills and capsules.

HonsoUSA, based in Phoenix, Arizona, has partnered with Kanion Pharmaceutical co. Ltd., to bring you Yin Qiao softgels. Kanion is a very competitive and scientifically sound pharmaceutical company that thrives in areas such as research and new product development in china. Yin Qiao formula and other softgel TCM herbal formulas are manufactured in Kanion’s GMP-certified facilities, in accordance with the Chinese Pharmacopeias. These quality assured softgel capsules are a scientific refinement in preserving traditional Chinese medicine through advanced technologies.

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