Ionic Trace Minerals make all the difference…

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Date: October 13, 2005 01:25 PM
Subject: Ionic Trace Minerals make all the difference…

Trace Minerals Research

Ionic Trace Minerals make all the difference…

Some people have tried to debunk the demonstration by pointing out that simple table salt will light the bulb in the experiment. That is true and is still in keeping with the demonstration. Table salt will break down and go into liquid solution producing both sodium and chloride ions. We also know that table salt is readily absorbed by the body and if people are deficient in sodium, table salt would be a highly effective and inexpensive way to supplement their diet. The main problem with using table salt as a nutritional supplement is that it is refined to only contain two minerals and through interactions once in the body, can throw off the delicate balance of other minerals and trace minerals.

This demonstration is only one experiment that shows only two of many important aspects of mineral supplement : it’s ability to break down into ionic form and its concentration in solution. It does not show what minerals are present in the product or their overall balance.

This information is gathered for Trace Minerals Research through independent analysis by some of the world’s best analytical laboratories and presented on the label of their products.

ConcenTrace from Trace Minerals Research is a natural mineral and trace mineral supplement that is very low in sodium, yet rich in magnesium, boron, selenium, lithium, chloride and other trace minerals. Most importantly, it is in ionic form. Because of these qualities coupled with the fact that minerals and trace minerals act as catalysts for other nutrients, vitamins, hormones and neurological functions, Trace Minerals Research uses Low Sodium ConcenTrace – Trace Mineral Drops as a base ingredient in all of their products. Through special proprietary processes developed from over 33 years of experience, Trace Minerals Research is able to produce tableted products that quickly break down in water and release their minerals and trace minerals back into liquid solution, i.e. Ionic form.

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