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Date: August 31, 2006 04:11 PM
Subject: Planetary Herbals – Herbal Prespectives

As the new year progresses, look for Planetary Formulas in bottles that feature a modern label with fresh new graphics, and a name that more clearly conveys the nature of Planetary’s product line.

Planetary Herbals: A Truly Descriptive Name

From now on, our new bottles will bear the brand name “Planetary Herbals” rather than “Planetary Formulas.” Adding “herbals” to our name will not only communicate to consumers what is inside the bottle they are viewing, but also highlight Planetary’s expertise in the development of planet-derived supplements. This change is meant to increase consumer awareness that Planetary Herbals is a premier herbal product line. At the same time, the continued use of “Planetary” in our name, and the adaptation of images and general color scheme from the previous label means Planetary products will remain immediately recognizable to customers who are looking for their favorite products.

An Evocative Label

Planetary’s beautifully redesigned label displays a unified color scheme of soft earth tones. Still prominent in the bottom left corner is a curved planet, showing blue ocean, warm ochre land mass, and green forest.

Le maintaining the primary design elements of the original label, the new look allows for increased readability of the primary display panel, a crisper presentation that should have increased consumer appeal, and easier readability of the label copy. The background color of the front panel shades from deep blue to near-white as it reaches the center panel; as a result the bold black letters fo the product name jumps out on the shelf. The Planetary Herbals logo has a cleaner look than its predecessor and is integrated with the overall earth tone scheme. Another new element will be a matching blue cap that pulls the look together. Plan on seeing this soon.

More Potent Formulations

Another significant and positive change for the Planetary Herbals line is the incorporation of more Full Spectrum herbal extracts into our products, especially the formulas. This provides a number of consumer advantages.

First, we have substantially increased potencies over previous versions, delivering as much or greater milligram equivalency in fewer tablets. This makes it much easier for consumers to comply with the suggested usages. Second, the use of these potent extracts means that many of the tablets are smaller and easier to swallow, with substantially less excipients. Third, the increased potencies have not resulted in increased prices when calculated milligram for milligram. In most cases, the formulas deliver more potency for the same price. This is due to very careful selected extractors who can purchase large volumes of herbs, directly eliminating the multiple middle distributors and brokers that contribute to higher pricing.

Quality Presentation for a Quality Line

What remains constant in the midst of all these changes is Planetary’s reputation for providing some of the most trusted and well developed herbal products in the market. Planetary Herbals offers an exceptional product line that unites traditional wisdom with the advances of modern science. Every product is based either on time-tested formulas that reflect the continuous usage of millions of people from all over the planet, or on the direct clinical experience of Planetary’s team of formulators, all of whom are experienced herbal practitioners and licensed health care professionals with decades of experience.

Planetary is proud to launch its products in a presentation that reflects the quality and care that goes into the production of every bottle.

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