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The best essential oils for healthier hair VitaNet, LLC Staff 9/4/18
Tips To Soothe Your Skin After Shaving Darrell Miller 12/26/16
Can Argan Oil Help My Skin Look Younger? Darrell Miller 9/17/15
Cat's Claw Darrell Miller 8/6/08
Fennel Darrell Miller 6/30/08
Ginkgo: A Hair Tonic t hat Lowers Cholesterol Levels? Darrell Miller 6/25/05

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The best essential oils for healthier hair

Date: September 04, 2018 05:53 PM
Author: VitaNet, LLC Staff (
Subject: The best essential oils for healthier hair

The best essential oils for healthier hair

Essential oils can be great for hair health. For example, bergamot oil’s antimicrobial and healing-promoting properties can do wonders for your scalp and even restore some lost hair. Jojoba and Peppermint oil can both promote faster, healthier, and more complete hair growth, making them both good holistic remedies for minor hair loss or a bad shave. Chamomile oil, Jamaican black sage oil and others can serve to keep hair healthy, while oil of argan or avocado can help protect your hair from damage or dryness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bergamot oil has antimicrobial properties and can also promote healing and reduce hair loss.
  • Jojoba oil and peppermint oil can both be used to help treat hair loss symptoms.
  • Argan oil and avocado oil can both help to moisturize and protect your hair and keep it looking its best.

"One of the many benefits of essential oils is the ability to enhance hair health."

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Tips To Soothe Your Skin After Shaving

Date: December 26, 2016 07:59 AM
Author: Darrell Miller (
Subject: Tips To Soothe Your Skin After Shaving

Men and women who have more sensitive skin may have to Shave. This is probably due to the fact that they are more susceptible to razor burn. If you are concerned about this, there are many natural and medical remedies you can try to ease the pain. Cold compresses, lip balm, and honey are a few things that most people have handy at home. They all work to ease the burn and help the skin heal quicker. If you are looking for something a little stronger, Witch Hazel, aspirin, and aloe vera can be easily bought at most stores.

Key Takeaways:

  • Men look sexy if they experiment with their beard. Soft stubble can give you an innocent look, while a goatee can really make you look sexy.
  • Razor burn is quiet natural for a sensitive skin.Actually, there are a lot of ways to soothe your skin after shaving.
  • Also, those are full of chemicals, which may lead to further dryness and irritation.

"In case you cut your skin while shaving and it is bleeding, immediate application of witch hazel can help you to stop blood flow."



Can Argan Oil Help My Skin Look Younger?

Date: September 17, 2015 10:19 PM
Author: Darrell Miller
Subject: Can Argan Oil Help My Skin Look Younger?

Argan oil has risen to become a very important component when it comes to skin care. The trick lies in its composition. Unlike other products in the same class, it has a very unique composition. This oil has sterols, polyphenols, carotenoids, natural antioxidants and not forgetting essential fatty acids.

Argan Oil

Below are some of the skin problems that can be cured by Argan oil:

  • Sunburn

Sunburn refers to dry scaly skin condition as a result of being exposed to intense sunshine. Argan oil is high in vitamin E content which plays a very big role in curing this condition. It helps prevent sunburns due to its moisturizing ability. However, in cases where the sunburn has already occurred it can be used to treat the condition. Due to this particular quality; vitamin E has been linked to preventing skin cancer.

  • Wrinkles and appearance of fine lines on the skin

As people age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity quality and as such wrinkles begin to appear. However, this oil helps to prevent and/or cure this problem. It does this by rehydrating the skin, hence restoring the skin’s natural elasticity properties.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a disease that affects the skin. Its main symptoms are appearance of red patches on the skin covered with scales. The compounds present in argan oil help alleviate the problem through nourishing it with essential nutrients. As a result it helps the skin retain moisture, effectively treating the condition.

  • Razor bumps and burns

Have you ever experienced rashes that arise due to after-Shave? This condition is very common in men after shaving as well as women after shaving their legs and/or bikini lines. These bumps are very uncomfortable and unsightly. Argan oil has been proven to heal this condition.

Regular use of argan oil is not just for cosmetic purposes, but majorly for the general health of the skin. Its many unique natural compounds do not only preserve and soften the skin but also help in healing various skin conditions.


Cat's Claw

Date: August 06, 2008 11:21 AM
Author: Darrell Miller (
Subject: Cat's Claw

Traditionally, Cat's Claw has been used to treat arthritis, gastritis, tumors, dysentery, and female hormonal imbalances. Today, the plant has shown the ability to treat viral infections, minimize inflammation, and provide therapeutic action for stomach and bowel disorders including arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, ulcers, gastritis, parasites, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, several types of cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, herpes, allergies, lupus, diabetes, PMS, yeast infections, hypoglycemia, prostatitis, bursitis, and rheumatism. European studies are currently looking at Cat's Claw for its ability to treat AIDS and cancer. Additionally, the herb has been used for Athlete’s Foot, Ear infections, back pain, TMJ syndrome, fibromyalgia, canker sores, sinus infections, and asthma.

Peruvians have trusted the anti-inflammatory abilities of Cat’s Claw for many generations, as it was traditionally used for any type of rheumatism or arthritic joint condition. Many studies on the plant metabolites found in Cat’s Claw have found that it does inhibit inflammatory response for a fact. The plant sterols that are found in Cat’s Claw have the ability to reduce artificially induced swelling. After extensive research, scientists have found that the strong anti-inflammatory activity is due to the presence of all the compounds together. These same compounds have an intrinsic anti-inflammatory effect as well.

These findings confirm what herbalists have advocated for many generations: the fact that plants are designed to be used in their whole form in order to be biochemically effective. Pharmaceutical synthetic versions of herbal medication Shave so many bad side effects because they have been chemically extricated and isolated, which eliminates the very crucial role of other compounds that are vital to the function of the plant.

Natural botanical remedies, on the other hand, have been designed by nature to work together. Natural anti-inflammatories are extremely important for treating diseases such as allergies and arthritis because they have a lot less side effects than the prescription NSAIDs that are currently being used by thousands of individuals. Back pain, joint pain, inflammation caused by histamine release, and a whole lot of other maladies have resulted in millions of dollars worth of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to be purchased.

Diseases such as AIDS and flesh-eating viruses have received a good amount of press coverage over the last several years. Although a lot of us may not feel immediately threatened by these viruses, we may not be as strong as we could be immunologically. Most of us are battling a never-ending list of ailments such as colds, flu, sore throats, earaches, athlete’s foot, yeast infections, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and colitis.

With heart disease, cancer, and diabetes being responsible for thousands of deaths each year, our country as a whole is in poor health. Our immune systems, which are our build-in defense mechanisms, need to be kept in optimal working condition as infectious microorganisms and carcinogens constantly surround us. A healthy immune system has a great ability to fight off disease or at least minimize its stay in our body. By fortifying our defenses with certain herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants, we can greatly promote wellness in our bodies.

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Date: June 30, 2008 04:47 PM
Author: Darrell Miller (
Subject: Fennel

If there has ever been an overlooked vegetable, it would definitely be fennel. Some people have an aversion to its licorice-like scent, while others feel as if fennel is a bizarre and obscure vegetable that they have no interest in learning how to prepare. However, those who have discovered it know that ignoring fennel is a waste of a versatile vegetable’s amazing flavor and healthful benefits. Even those who already cook with fennel might find that they aren’t taking advantage of its versatility. For example, many people use only the delicate, lacy parts of fennel as a flavor-enhancing garnish for soups or salads. Others stick to just using the green-white bulbs, while tossing the remaining pieces aside. However, there’s no season like now to start using and enjoying all the parts of fennel.

Fennel is available from autumn until early spring and both its stems and bulbs have been found to contain many nutrients. Fennel spice, which is made from the vegetable’s seeds, can be found year round, as it is one of five spices in Chinese five-spice powder. One cup of raw, sliced fennel is a huge source of vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and potassium. History has shown that fennel can be taken to alleviate bad breath, indigestion, intestinal spasms, cramps, and gas. It is thought that Puritans chewed the seeds in order to tame hunger during fasts. Recently, scientists have found that fennel contains antioxidants which promote good health.

In order to gain these healthful benefits, be sure to purchase white or pale-green fennel that has clean, firm bulbs. The bulbs should not be split, bruised, or spotted, while the stalks that grow from the bulb should be relatively straight. Additionally, the vegetable’s fronds would be green but not flowering because blooms indicate that the bulb is past maturity. When consumed right away, fennel is at its best. But, it can be kept in the crisper for up to four days. Be sure to wash it before using its base in hors d’oeuvres, salads, and gratins. Also, make sure to reserve its fronds in order to enhance dishes in a potent way. With such versatility in the kitchen, there is absolutely no excuse not to include fennel in your meals this season.

Once you discover that fennel is both crunchy and slightly sweet, you will want to incorporate it into many of your daily meals. Thankfully, fennel can enhance many dishes and make them extraordinary. Here are some quick ideas for using fennel this season. You can thinly Shave the desired amount of a fennel bulb and toss it with a bit of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and a small amount of Parmesan cheese to make a fennel salad at moment’s notice. Another option is sauté sliced fennel with equal parts of onion and bell pepper in order to make a simple vegetarian side dish. One can take advantage of fennel’s ability to enhance flavors by adding fennel with tuna or grilled sea bass. Fennel can also be cut vertically, leaving bulb, stalk, and leaves intact and then brushed with olive oil and grilled until lightly browned. Another idea is to garnish your favorite vegetable soup with coarsely chopped fennel fronds.

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Ginkgo: A Hair Tonic t hat Lowers Cholesterol Levels?

Date: June 25, 2005 12:04 PM
Author: Darrell Miller (
Subject: Ginkgo: A Hair Tonic t hat Lowers Cholesterol Levels?

Ginkgo: A Hair Tonic t hat Lowers Cholesterol Levels?

Japanese experiments have recently found that the ethanolic extract found in ginkgo leaves demonstrated the ability to stimulate hair re g rowth in mice which had been given a normal and a high butter diet. Test results found that ginkgo extract not only inhibited the increase of serum triglyceride levels in the mice who ate a highly saturated diet, it also significantly promoted the growth of hair in Shaved areas.13 When ginkgo is combined with garlic, a considerable drop in cholesterol levels is also observed. A number of patients with elevated cholesterol levels showed an improvement rate of 35 percent versus a control group.14 The secret to keeping cholesterol leve l s consistently low is long-term therapy with garlic and ginkgo. When the extracts were no longer taken, cholesterol levels began to rise again.


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