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Amla or Indian gooseberry is botanically called Phyllanthus emblica (Emblica officinalis). It is a rich source of vitamin C, amino acid, tannin, polyphenolic compounds, fixed oil, lipids and other essential oils. Amla tree is found in all parts of India and is generally 20-30 ft. high. It is a tree with leaves that look like that of the tamarind. Its fruit is round and greenish yellow with six segments and hard seed inside. It is good for making jams, pickles, chutneys, etc.

Owing to its medicinal and health benefits, Hindus treat it as a very sacred tree and worship it. Most Hindus takes its dose regularly to provide them complete protection against all disorders due to cold. It is a unique tree with atmosphere purifying qualities. All parts of the tree are useful. Chemically, aside from vitamin C (100g of amla contains about 700mg of vitamin C); it is also the best source of gallic acid, tannic acid, sugar, albumen, calcium, protein, phosphorus, carbohydrates, iron, etc. It is indeed a tonic.

Further studies showed that amla is an eye tonic and aids in eye ailments. It is good for head and heart ailments, nocturnal emission, urinary problem, a good remedy for peptic ulcers, good for diabetes, stone problem, constipation, skin problems, hair loss, gout, menstrual disorder, blood impurities and infection. It is a powerful food for the brain and a good beautifying agent. Generally it is a good maintenance for a healthy body.

Amla 500 mg is an all-in-one capsule that promotes well-being. It is an anti-aging supplement that prevents health related hyperlipidaemia through attenuating oxidative stress in the aging process. Taking it everyday not only boosts the immune system but alleviates the spirits and helps get better intelligence and memory power.

Description: Amla is a powerful rejuvenating and antioxidant herb thought to have one of the highest contents of Vitamin C found in the plant kingdom. Studies suggest that natural, foodbased Vitamin C from Amla may be more bioavailable than synthetic Vitamin C.

Product #: 10673
Size: 60ct 500mg
Directions: Use only as directed. Take one capsule daily with a meal or glass of water. Store in a cool, dry place.

Serving Size: 1  ea    60 Servings per container
Ingredients: Amount per serving: % Daily Value: +
Total Carbohydrate <1 g <1% 
Vitamin C (as Amla Fruit Extract) 80 mg 133% 
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) (fruit extract)(80 mg [16%] Vitamin C) 500 mg 
Key to Ingredients:
     ~ = Daily Value not established.
     + = Percent Daily Value is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
     ? = Values differ depending on age
     ? = Values differ depending on age
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silica.

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Review of Amla 500mg - Solaray Product 10673
Reviewed by Kurt Russel
Monday, May 16, 2011

Rating: 5/5

Amla 500mg is an effective remedy of hyperacidity, ulcers and blood impurities. It strengthens the body, expel toxins from the body and improves defense mechanism of the body. It is an essential vitamin to improve eye sight Weakness of body, heart and mind shall be dispelled by taking fresh. Amla 500 mg also helps maintain the functioning of the liver, Increases Hemoglobin, Red blood cell count . It Useful for Cough, Bronchitis, Asthma. Amla 500mg cleanses the mouth, strengthens the teeth. The Best Herbal Medicine in the world.

Kurt Russel Albany, NY USA

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