Natural Balance: HTP.Calm 60ct

HTP.Calm - 60ct

by   Natural Balance
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“I had taken St. John’s Wort before I tried HTP.Calm and it
calmed me, but made me sleepy during the day. HTP.Calm
completely relaxes me and makes me more patient, but doesn’t
make me need a nap during the day. I love it.” Lanita
W. Houston, TX 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) - St. John's
Wort - Used since the Middle Ages to enhance mood and emotional
well-being. The standardized extract (0.3% hypericin) has been
proven in clinical studies to be truly effective. Gotu Kola -
Native to India, this herb helps restore emotional balance and
clarity. Kava Kava - Native to the South Pacific, Kava is well
known for reducing anxiety and tension. Passion Flower - This
gentle herbal sedative fosters relaxation and calm. Vitamin B-6
- Essential co-factor for converting 5-HTP to the calming
neurotransmitter, serotonin.

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