Natural Balance: Super Flex Back 60ct

Super Flex Back - 60ct

by   Natural Balance
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“I began feeling sore in July 2003. I stopped into a store and
bought Super Flex Back Formula. I immediately felt my back relax
and slept much better. Within a few weeks I was back to normal
and taking the back formula for maintenance only. It is a great
product that is not only natural, but works! Scott T. New
York, NY MSM - Helps connective tissue absorb fluid to
cushion the shock of movement and activity. Glucosamine - Known
to restore connective tissue and maintain synovial fluid in
vertebra tissue. Boswellin (R) - Proven to reduce
inflammation. Turmeric - Important phytonutrient that inhibits
the COX-2 enzyme, responsible for back inflammation. Protykin
(R) trans-Resveratrol - Powerful, phytonutrient that helps
reverse free-radical damage and helps inhibit the COX-2
enzyme. Kava Kava - Relaxing herb from the South Pacific that
is well known for reducing tension and stress.

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