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I’m 52 years old, and I use a computer a great deal with my job.
I also knit to relax in my spare time. I had been experiencing
some aching in my right wrist that eventually radiated up my arm
to the shoulder. It made both computer work and knitting very
uncomfortable. Within two days of taking it three times a day,
the ache was completely gone. I’m now able to use the computer
and knit in the evening without any discomfort at all. Joint
Formula is great!” Cris A. Hobbs, NM Glucosamine - Known
to restore connective tissue and maintan synovial fluid in
joints.MSM - Helps connective tissue absorb fluid to cushion the
shock of movement and activity. Glusosamine - Known to restore
connective tissue and maintain synovial fluid in vertebra
tissue. Boswellin(R) - Proven to reduce inflammation. Turmeric
- Important phytonutrient that inhibits the COX-2 enzyme,
responsible for back inflammation. Protykin(R)
trans-Resveratrol - Powerful, phytonutrient that helps reverse
free-radical damage to vetebra tissues and helps inhibit the
COX-2 enzyme.

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