Solaray: Vitex Chaste Berry Extract 60ct 225mg

Vitex Chaste Berry Extract - 60ct 225mg

by   Solaray
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UPC: 076280039566
# 3956

Vitex Chaste Berry Extract
Product #: 3956
Size: 60ct 225mg
Directions: Use only as directed.Take one or two capsules daily with a meal or glass of water.Store in a cool, dry place.

Serving Size: 2  ea    30 Servings per container
Ingredients: Amount per serving: % Daily Value: +
Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) (berry extract) (Guaranteed 0.5% [1.13 mg] agnuside) 225 mg 
Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) (berry) 100 mg 
Key to Ingredients:
     ~ = Daily Value not established.
     + = Percent Daily Value is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
     ? = Values differ depending on age
     ? = Values differ depending on age
Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule and Magnesium Stearate.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 capsules a day with meals or a glass of water.

'Vitex Chaste Berry Extract is a dietary supplement taken 1-2 times a day. The active ingredients are 0.5% agnuside. Used for women that have a semi- normal periods. It is found that it can help your periods to come every other month. The natural ingredients will not harm your body but help you in the long run.

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