KAL: Caclium Citrate D-3 1000 MG-IU 90 Tablets

Caclium Citrate D-3 1000 MG-IU - 90 Tablets

by   KAL
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UPC: 021245405351
# 40535

Calcium Citrate D-3 1000 MG-IU


KAL’s New Powerful Calcium supplement combined with Vitamin D to Aid digestion. Calcium Citrate is highly absorbable because of its ease of digestion. Recent studies suggest that calcium citrate is better absorbed than other forms of calcium. Vitamin D helps the blood maintain maximum levels of calcium by reducing urinary calcium loss by boosting absorption. Each serving provides 1000mg of calcium citrate and 1000 IU of vitamin D-3. KAL offers the RapidSolv technology where each tablet is guaranteed to dissolve in 30 minutes of less for maximum absorption.

Product #: 40535
Size: 90ct 1000mg
Serving Size:  3 Tablets
Ingredients:   Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) (D-3)(Fish source)….1000 IU
Calcium (as Calcium citrate)….. 1000 mg

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