Kal: D-3 10000IU Ultra 90 softgel

D-3 10000IU Ultra - 90 softgel

by   Kal
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Vitamin D3 and its health Benfits

Vitamin D3 is a natural form of Vitamin D which is most frequently attained through sunlight. Its also called as cholecalciferol which is readily absorbed and more efficiently utilised by human body.

Health benefits of Vitamin D3

Immune boosting property

A strong and healthy immune system is the body's safeguard in combating any foreign bodies that invade our body. The T-helper cells detect and kill foreign organisms however for that, the T cells should first be triggered into actions and altered from non-active immune cells into killer cells. The so-called sun shine vitamin, D3 plays a critical role in boosting immune system which triggers the T- helper cells .Thus vitamin D3 is vital not only in initiating the immune defenses and preventing diseases but also in handling anti-immune responses of the body .

Bone Health

Healthy bones are essential for body and Vitamin D3 strengthens and sustains powerful healthy bones. A deficiency in vitamin D3 might result in Osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 can enhance bone mineral density, safeguard towards bone loss and lessen the danger of fracture.

Calcium Absorption Promoter

Vitamin D3 speeds up calcium absorption from intestines through a protein carrier , calibdin which immediately opens the calcium channels and its transportation into cells.

Fights Cancer

When Vitamin D3 levels are high enough, it has the capability to help preventing cancer by suppressing the invasiveness and metastatic prospective of cancer cells.

Muscle Strength Promoter

Vitamin D3 deficiency is linked to muscle weakness and higher risk of fractures and loss of flexibility in elders. Intense muscle weakness due to its deficiency can be reversed by supplements.

In addition to help staving off certain illnesses, Vitamin D3 gives a number of various health benefits .If there is a deficiency, one should take dietary supplements to meet the daily needs.

Kal: Ultra D-3 10,000IU 90sg. Ultra Potency Vitamin D-3 from lanolin.


Non-GMO, Nutritional Safflower and Sunflower oil base, No Soy, and No fish.

Get your daily requirements of vitamin D-3 with kal brand 10,000Iu vitamin D product.

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