Natural Balance: Bloat-X 60ct

Bloat-X - 60ct

by   Natural Balance
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Water retention and bloat may be expressed as puffy ankles, feet, wrists and arms, or manifests as ascites, which is the gross accumulation of fluids in the abdomen. If you suffer more than a little water retention, you should not try to stop water retention at home but should see a physician for a thorough checkup because excess water retention could be a sign of underlying health conditions. However, natural diuretics have only a modest diuretic effect (reduce water bloat) for those looking to loose only a few pounds due to excess salt or hormone changes in the body.

Bloat is a health issue in which the stomach becomes distended due to the presence of excess gas within the stomach or colon chamber. Some individuals can naturally produce gas which can give one a bloated look, Bloat-X can help the body naturally fight this bloated look and flatten ones stomach.


Fight Back to Normal

Bloat-X formula is an inovative blend of probiotics, enzymes and herbs intended to provide nutritive support for ideal water and fluid balance, along with healthy digestion.

*Fight Back Naturally

*Inovative Digestive, Water And Fluid Balance Formula

*For a Flater, Lighter Feeling Stomach

Bloat-X has an innovative diuretic formual intended to proved nutritive support for ideal water and fluid balance.

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