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Natural Sources Raw Pancreas 60 caps

Raw Pancreas is formulated in such a way that it supports the pancreatic system of our body. It is basically a glandular extract to support the pancreas. This digestive gland of our body helps to produce different kind of enzymes which in turn helps to digest proteins fats and sugars in order to promote energy and growth. The next think which the pancreas supports is that it produces insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. This revolutionary products essential ingredients are specially imported from the New Zealand which is made from toxin-free lyophilized glands of animals which grazed on the lands free of pesticides. These capsules are also very easy to digest and one should take it regularly to get the best result.

This product doesn't contain any kind of preservatives sugar starch artificial colours fragrance yeast milk derivatives or any kind of other additives. It is suggested for regular usage and it has no side effects therefore its absolutely safe for usage. This raw tissue concentrate comes from bovine sources which are specially processed at below -5 degree centigrade in order to preserve the naturally occurring vitamins enzymes lipoproteins nucleotides and all other cellular components. The essential ingredients of Pancreatin (4x) Pancreas tissues Thiamine (thiamine hci) Niacon Riboflavin (vit B2) Vit B6 Selenium and Chromium makes it a wholesome food supplement which you should take regularly.

Suggested Use for Adults: As a dietary supplement, take one to four capsules daily, following a meal.

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