BRICKER LABS: ResistAid 1500mg w/Peppermint Coating 60 tab

ResistAid 1500mg w/Peppermint Coating - 60 tab

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  • Ability to modulate and support appropriate immune response
  • Innate immune support
  • Supports antibody production
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ResistAid 1500mg w/Peppermint Coating by Bricker Labs

ResistAid™ supports natural immune function with Triple Action Immune Support. ResistAid™ is a safe, natural extract of the larch tree clinically known to have important immune benefits. ResistAid™ is the immune supplement you take when you feel well and want help staying that way.

ResistAid™ Offers proprietary, natural immune support from larch trees. Year round, triple action immune support (direct, indirect and antioxidant capacity). Ability to modulate and support appropriate immune response. Soluble dietary fiber

INNATE IMMUNE SUPPORT: Supports natural killer cells, cytokines, macrophages, and white blood cells.

ADAPTIVE IMMUNE SUPPORT: Supports antibody production. A clinical trial on healthy adults suggested that those taking ResistAid™ had significant increases in the non-inflammatory, lgG adaptive immune response, when exposed to an immune challenge, over those taking placebo. It is generally accepted that an increase in the IgG adaptive immune response indicates better defenses.

ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: The polyphenolic flavonoids present in ResistAid™ include taxifolin and quercetin, which have been shown to display a wide range of biochemical properties, including antioxidant and chemoprotective effects.

Quantity: 60 Tablets
Serving Size Contains: 2 Tablets


Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication, or have any medical condition.

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