UPC: 9780914955931
# BK0168

Finding cancer's root causes and applying a holistic
understanding of lifestyle, diet, stress-reduction and
appropriated nutritional and herbal support can strengthen the
body and its immune system, restore the spirit and balance the
psyche of the cancer patient. With this integrative approach, a
healthy mental and emotional balance joins a healthy approach to
life to truly treat cancer. Not every cancer patient is
"cured," but every patient is brought to a state of
understanding which in many cases leads to what appear to be
miraculous remissions. In other cases, it allows the individual
to experience a quality of life and passing uncommon in our
society: the ability to face life and death with dignity and a
sense of completion. ISBN: 0914955934 Format:
Paperback, 508pp Pub. Date: April 2003 Publisher: Lotus
Press WI

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