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Tongue Cleaner from Smile Brite While there are many tongue
cleaners out there, Smile Brite (r) has the unique advantage of
providing a patented tongue cleaning tool, with a tongue brush
on one side, and a scraper on the other. You gently brush your
tongue to loosen film and bacterial plaque from your tongue,
then flip the tool over and scrape off the loosened residue.
This provides you the absolute best tongue cleaning experience
for the ultimate in oral hygiene. Once you try our Smile Brite
Tongue Cleaner you will never go back to any other
style! Patented in Europe (17 countries) and the USA.
Smile Brite Tongue-Cleaner - the scientifically tested
supplement to your toothbrush. Simple and practical to use ¨C
clinically tested. Smile Brite Tongue-Cleaner with its
in-depth action effectively eliminates bacterial deposits and
residues (i.e. tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol) from the rough
surface of the tongue, especially its dorsal part. Germs and
diseases have no chance. Clinical expert reports have shown
that Smile Brite Tongue-Cleaner removes disagreeable bacterial
deposits from the tongue's surface. The sense of taste is
stimulated and mouth odor is effectively combated. Even dental
plaque is reduced by 1/3. Smile Brite Tongue-Cleaner works in
4 ways: - removes bacterial deposits throughout the mouth
and throat area - leaves a healthy fresh feeling and prevents
halitosis (bad breath) - ensures long-lasting breath
freshness and - markedly improves your sense of
taste. Smile Brite Tongue-Cleaner: a cultural step forward
for humanity. Keeping your breath fresher and making food taste
better. *Marketed under the trade name One Drop Only in Europe.
Instructions: Gently and evenly brush your tongue several
times with the brush side to loosen film. Then gently scrape the
film with the scraper side. Rinse out your mouth afterwards.
Clean off the brush and scraper under your faucet. That's it!
Note: It is recommended you replace your tongue cleaner/brush
after two months of use.

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