BIOTHERAPIES: Cartilade Shark Cartilage 740mg 180 caps

Cartilade Shark Cartilage 740mg - 180 caps

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Cartilade Shark Cartilage 740mg
Cartilade Shark Cartilage Dietary Supplement Supports normal
one, joint and connective tissue health. Cartilade Shark
Cartilage by Biotherapies is a 100% pure nutritional supplement
prepared from shark fin cartilage. It is prepared according to
an exclusive, patent pending process to ensure highest purity
(especially from heavy metals), and stability. Cartilade Shark
Cartilage supplies proteins, collagen & muco- polysaccharides,
along with a substantial intake of calcium. Since cartilage is
avascular (meaning without blood vessels), it is very low in
heavy metal accumulations. Cartilade is an excellent source of
calcium and phosphorus. Cartilade products have been sold in
the dietary supplement industry for 15 years in North America
and worldwide. Cartilade brand shark cartilage is produced under
proprietary methods that result in the most effective shark
cartilage powder available as a dietary supplement. New research
regarding Cartilade shows that it has been proven to be the
superior brand of cartilage powder as demonstrated by in vitro
assay. Cartilade has been demonstrated to be completely safe
when used asdirectlyand over 500 million doses have been used
worldwide. Cartilade contains the essential components for
overall joint health. Cartilade typically contains 12%
chondroitin, Type II collagen, 35% protein and 50% minerals
essential for connective tissue synthesis.more importantly,
Cartilade exhibits the highest activity of MMP inhibition, or
the highest inhibition of catabolic activity of the connective
tissues and joints. It is the only shark cartilage brand with
this proven activity. For dosage information, see our page on
Dosage Information. Health care professionals and the
natural products industry recognize Cartilade as the "gold
standard" of shark cartilage powders.In 1996, Cartilade was the
honorable recipient of the Retailers Choice Vity Award, for bone
and joint discomfort. It is an excellent "stand-alone" product
as well as a value-added ingredient to all joint formulas. No
other herbal or joint support ingredient has the same properties
as Cartilade. Supplement Facts Sodium 35 Mg 1% Protein 1
Gram Calcium 1gram 80% Phosphate 0.5 Gram 45% Low Sodium,
No Fat, Cholesterol Free Each Caplet Contains: 740mg Of 100%
Pure Dried Shark Cartilage. No Sugar, Color Or Preservatives
Added. Directions: Take 2 Cartilade Shark Cartilage Caplets
before meals 3 times a day, or as directed by your health care

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