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Dr. Christopher's Kid-E-Line Kid-E-Well 2 oz . . Kid-E-Line
products provide gentle, safe and effective herbal remedies
formulated with our children's special health needs in mind.
Backed by years of traditional healing knowledge and research
our formulas taste great, and contain no alcohol, often a
concern for parents giving their children herbal products.
Furthermore, all of these time tested formulas are made with
organic or wild-crafted herbs - carefully combined with 100%
pure vegetable glycerine to ensure the highest quality products
for your family's specialized needs. Instructions: One
dropperfull three times a day, or as needed. Ingredients: Yarrow
Flower, Elder Flower, Peppermint Leaves and Echinacea
Angustifolia Root in a base of pure vegetable glycerine with no
added natural flavorings. .

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