DESERT ESSENCE: Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Sea Kelp 8 oz

Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Sea Kelp - 8 oz

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Thoroughly Clean Face Wash Tea Tree Oil & Sea Kelp (#3278DE - 8
fl. oz./240 mL) A gentle cleansing solution that effectively
removes makeup, dirt and other impurities. Contains organic tea
tree oil for its cleansing properties.

'this product is amazing. your skin feels heavenly after every use. From the the very first use your skin will fell more mouist and less dry. Also those unsightly blemisheds on your face will begin to fade. Your skin will thank you for this. Plus after the use of this product it leaves a wonderful aroma that other people can smell and the will think its some kind of expensive perfume. Also it make your skin healthier by apply health antioxidants and other chemicals that kill bacteria that was layered over your skin for long periods of time. thank you
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