Doctors Best: L-Ornithine Powder 200G

L-Ornithine Powder - 200G

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Helps support athletic performance*

Helps lower exercise-induced fatigue*

Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Soy Free / Vegetarian

What is Doctor's Best Pure L-Ornithine?

Doctor’s Best Pure L-Ornithine is an amino acid that helps in the formation of citrulline, proline, and glutamic acid, three amino acids that help supply energy to every cell in the body. L-Ornithine helps support athletic performance and helps lower exercise-induced fatigue, especially when combined with other amino acids.* Doctor’s Best L-Ornithine powder is unflavored and can be combined with water, protein-shakes, or your favorite sports performance drink.


L-Ornithine plays a role in nitrogen detoxification and ammoniaregulation. The conversion of L-Ornithine to L-citrulline via the Ornithinecarbamoyl transferase enzyme during the urea cycle causes a reduction inammonia.1,2

The accumulation of ammonia has been shown to be a majorcontributing factor in fatigue resulting from environmental factors orexercise induced symptoms, such as central nervous system fatigue.3,4

L-Ornithine's vital role in the urea cycle helps limit the ammonia levels inthe body, which can prevent fatigue from various causes. L-Ornithine has been shown to improve factors related to bodycomposition. Studies have demonstrated L-Ornithine's effect onrecovery factors following resistance training, which demonstrated a positive effect on strength and lean body mass growth factors.5,6

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