Europharma / Terry Naturally: Vectomega (Omega 3 DHA EPA Complex) 60 Tabs

Vectomega (Omega 3 DHA EPA Complex) - 60 Tabs

by   Europharma / Terry Naturally
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  • Bioidentical DHA/EPA in the form that your body loves best—unlike fish oil or krill oil
  • Marine phospholipids for better absorption
  • Never chemically altered or artificially spiked
  • Patented French hexane-free extraction process
  • Peptides—not found in fish oil or krill oil—vital for mood, immune, focus, and overall health*
  • Phospholipids—crucial for heart, brain, and eye health*
  • Proven stability, zero rancidity
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Vectomega delivers the ultimate omega-3 benefits for heart, brain, skin, immune, vision, and nervous system health.* Unlike fish and krill Oils available everywhere from big box stores to the coner gas station, you deserve to understand the true difference of Vectomega.

  • Fresher: The majority of fish oils are prone to rancidity. Vectomega comes in tablet and capsule form, using North American salmon that is cold processed right after the catch. Using this unique and rapid processing, it has astounding stability, and yes, it’s always fresh.
  • Peptide Power for a Healthy Brain: Peptides are not found in fish, flax, or kril oil. They are extremely important for supporting mental well-being and overall brain health.* Peptides are unique to Vectomega.
  • Greater Absorb-ability Thanks to Phospholipids: The Omega-3’s in Vectomega are bound to phospholipids, which help them absorb better than the triglycerides that are present in fish oil.

Vectomega is different! Unlike omega-3 oils, it delivers DHA and EPA in the perfect bioidentical form the body uses best.

Europharma - Vectomega - 60 tablets

General Information and datasheet (EuroPharma)

Vectomega is a natural whole food omega 3complex containing DHA, EPA, phospholipids and hydrolyzed peptides (aminoacids) from salmon (Salmo salar) extracted by a patented, chemicalfree process, using only natural enzymes and a cold water flush.

Vectomega is a high grade biologically active Omega 3(DHA/EPA) vectorized under a phospholipidmethod.

It is the only omega 3 with DHA and EPA in a biological form as it naturallyoccurs in salmon (not chemically altered or spiked), ensuring absorption.

Vectomega‘s unique bio-molecular profile, based on thevectorization of its omega 3 fatty acids, phospholipids and in association withhydrolyzed peptides present a remarkable natural food supplement, which isabsorbed up to 50 times greater than fish oils, free of cholesterol, heavymetal contamination, and of any toxicity; Its ability to be digested andassimilated are at the maximum level, based on clinical studies. Phospholipidsand hydrolyzed peptides are the transport system enabling DHA and EPA topenetrate the cell membrane and blood brain barrier. This unique phospholipidtransport system is only found in Vectomega and increases considerably the nutritionalpotential.

It's not how much you take that is important; it is how much that isabsorbed at the cellular level. Vectomega is the ONLY 1 a day,Omega 3 complex with DHA/EPA, phospholipids and hydrolyzed peptides fromSalmon.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Servings Per Container: 60 Amount/Serving Daily Value

Phospholipid Peptide Complex 292mg **

Containing Phospholipids, Omega 3 [DHA(docosahexaenoic) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic)] and hydrolyzed peptidesextracted from Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar), in a balanced ratio asfound naturally in salmon; not chemically altered or spiked with DHA/EPA

**Daily Value Not Established.

Other Ingredientsmaltodextrine, tricalcium phosphate, cellulose, silica, titanium dioxide,stearic acide, iron oxide Cholesterol Free

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