BETTER LIFE: Natural Cleansing Scrubber Even The Kitchen Sink 16 oz

Natural Cleansing Scrubber Even The Kitchen Sink - 16 oz

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  • Naturally Grime-Busting
  • Polish and Protect
  • Safer For The Mess Makers (Not The Mess)
  • Scratch-Free Shine

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Better Life, Kitchen and Bath Scrubber, 16 fl oz (473 ml)
With every spray, pour, and pump, Better Life proves that the world's most powerful cleaners can be safe for kids, pets, and the planet. Our natural kitchen and bath cream cleans, polishes, and protects hard surfaces, blasting through water spots, soap scum, gunk, grease, oil, and grime.
A non-toxic friendship.
100% plant- and mineral-derived cleaning agents
From soy, carbonate, corn, and coconut

Suggested Use
Shake well and apply directly to the surface. Rub with a dry scrub pad, sponge, or cloth. Rinse for a stunning shine (and leave the scratches to the DJs).
Scrub it on tubs, tile, grout, toilet bowls, stovetops, glass cooktops, ovens, stainless steel sinks, pots, pans, porcelain, ceramic, enamel, non-polished countertops, stone, cultured stone, and stone with bad manners, too.

Other Ingredients
Purified water, calcium carbonate, decyl glucoside (plant derived), potassium cocoate, cetyl alcohol, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, cetearyl alcohol, xanthan gum, methylisothiazolinone (preservative, less than 0.01%)
No bleach, alcohol, ethers, petroleum solvents, synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, ethoxylates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfates), or SLES. No harsh chemical residue.
Just the good stuff.

While Better Life is non-toxic, it's better as a cleaner than a beverage.
Don't drink, and keep out of reach of children.

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