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Maca Magic Powder
Maca Magic™ Whole Raw Powder GUARANTEED TO BE RICH IN
BIO-ACTIVE MACA ALKALOIDS! A potent raw whole powder,
suitable for smoothies, malts, cakes, extracts, juices, in
water, chai tea, or baked goods. Enzyme-rich, fresh and malty to
taste. We recommend you use with soy or rice milk, or blended
with banana. Many people use with milk or juice or add to
soups... great on ice-cream or yogurt! The original and
always favorite: Maca Magic! Blonde in color, always potent,
always fresh! 3.55 oz. Packets JUST A TASTE... Each
packet contains 100 grams of Maca. Perfect for your first taste
or as yummy gifts for your loved ones!

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