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Maca Magic AdrenaLift
Maca Magic Adrenalift™ Precise herbal therapy for the human
adrenal glands. ™ Need an Adrenalift? Exhausted,
Stressed out? Unfocused? Unmotivated? Agitated? Try our
specially formulated extract featuring concentrated maca root
synergystically blended with Jatoba, Suma, Astragalus,
Dioscorea, Sarsaparilla, and Oat seed. Suitable for both
men and women, Adrenalift can support increases in alertness,
improve attitude and enhance endurance by supporting adrenal
function. 2 Oz. Bottles CONCENTRATED POWER! Suggested
Directions for use: With plenty of liquids take 30-40 drops, 2-3
times per day, depending on your workout regime and doctors
recommendations. (Approximately 1 months supply)

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