HERBS FOR KIDS: Astragalus Extract Alcohol-Free 1 fl oz

Astragalus Extract Alcohol-Free - 1 fl oz

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Astragalus Extract Astragalus root is a well documented
immunostimulant, long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
for deep immune building. According to TCM, Astragalus has
specific action on the lungs and is used to build Qi, the vital
energy of the body. As a preventative, it works to build
defensive energy. Consumed as a food in China, Astragalus is one
of the few medicinal herbs that can be taken daily as a
preventative or to restore depressed immunity over time. Note:
According to TCM, Astragalus should be avoided during hot
conditions such as fever. Available in a 1 oz. liquid. Label
Info Alcohol-Free Herbal Supplement. Kids Love the Taste!
Ingredients INGREDIENTS PER SERVING: A 1.0 ml proprietary
blend of an extract of Astragalus membranaceus root. Other
Ingredients: Kosher Coconut and/or Palm kernel glycerine,
purified water and citric acid.

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