HOME HEALTH: Herbal Magic Roll On Deodorant Unscented 3 fl oz

Herbal Magic Roll On Deodorant Unscented - 3 fl oz

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Product Details: Manufacturer's Product Description: Deodorant;
all natural agent that helps neutralize unpleasant body odors;
inhibits bacterial formation and perspiration. Manufacturer's
Product Research: Eliminates body odor and helps reduce wetness.
Safe for sensitive skin. Manufacturer's Directions/Recommended
Usage: Invert bottle and roll on to cover underarm area.
Ingredients: Algae Extract; Aloe Vera Gel; Deionized Water;
Witch Hazel; Sodium Bicarbonate ; Grapefruit Seed Extract
Cautions: Do not use on broken skin. If skin sensitivity occurs;
discontinue use. Keep cap tightly closed when not in use.

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