IMPERIAL ELIXIR/GINSENG COMPANY: Ginseng and Royal Jelly 100 caps

Ginseng and Royal Jelly - 100 caps

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Ginseng & Royal Jelly We select top quality six-year-old
Chinese Red Ginseng roots grown in the Chang Pai mountains in
the Jilin Province - because they are renowned for their
long-term stamina building capibiIities. We combine the ginseng
with fresh, freeze-dried Royal Jelly with its rich amino acid
and B-vitamin composition that enriches and nourishes. A popular
product for yin people looking for both a quick boost from the
Royal Jelly and stamina enhancement from the Ginseng. Ginseng
and Royal Jelly -- Each capsule contains 500mg of pure Chinese
Red Ginseng (Panax ginseng) root powder and fresh, fteeze-dried
Royal Jelly powder (3:1 concentration) -- 50 or 100 capsules per

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