IMPERIAL ELIXIR/GINSENG COMPANY: Siberian Eleuthero Extract With Royal Jelly Vials 30x10ml

Siberian Eleuthero Extract With Royal Jelly Vials - 30x10ml

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Experience a life full of vitality and energy with our IMPERIAL ELIXIR/GINSENG COMPANY Siberian Eleuthero Extract With Royal Jelly Vials. This potent blend is packed with the natural goodness of Siberian Eleuthero, often referred to as the ‘King of Adaptogens,’ known for its ability to enhance your body’s resistance to stress and fatigue.

Complimenting this, we've enriched these vials with Royal Jelly, a nutrient-dense substance produced by worker bees, famed for its ability to support a healthy immune system and promote vibrant skin. The synergistic power of these two ingredients work harmoniously to invigorate and replenish your body, helping you to maintain peak performance throughout your day.

Whether you're facing a hard workout, a long workday, or just seeking a little extra push to get through your daily routine, our Siberian Eleuthero Extract with Royal Jelly Vials can provide the natural energy and vitality boost you are looking for. Take the first step towards a more energized self. Click 'Add to Cart' now and experience the power of Siberian Eleuthero and Royal Jelly in an easy to consume vial today!

The addition of fresh Royal Jelly to our Siberian Eleuthero (Ginseng) Root extract provides many nutrients, most notably amino acids, B vitamins (particularly B5) and enzymes. Siberian Eleuthero's longer action cycle increases stamina, while the ample protein content in Royal Jelly acts to boost energy levels quickly. This synergistic formula can be taken by anyone to support vitality in everyday life.


Drink 1 or 2 bottles daily as a beverage.

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