Trace Minerals Research: Liquid Ionic Fulvic Acid with ConcenTrace® 2 oz.

Liquid Ionic Fulvic Acid with ConcenTrace® - 2 oz.

by   Trace Minerals Research
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  • 250 mg per serving of pure fulvic acid
  • Contains no known allergens
  • Non GMO, Vegan, and gluten free
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Liquid Ionic Fulvic Acid with ConcenTrace by TraceMinerals Research

Trace mineral research ionic fulvic acid is a rich, concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides 250 mg of fulvic acid per serving, plus over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from concentrace, america's no. 1 selling trace mineral supplement according to spins data. Fulvic acid may help support and maintain healthy functions in the body, including the following: digestion, PH balance, energy production, hydration, cellular integrity, enzyme activity, muscle endurance and stamina.

Each bottle comes with a metered dropper which allows for variable dosing. Health care providers recommend different doses, depending on your needs. The metered dropper allows for these recommendations to be followed, where a normal tablet or capsule does not.


Serving Size 1 mL (0.2 teaspoon)
Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving % of DV
Magnesium (ConcenTrace) 15 mg 4%
Chloride (ConcenTrace) 100 mg 3%
Fluvic Acid (100% Solution) 250 mg *
ConcenTrace Trace Minerals 250 mg *

Percent Daily Values are Based on a 2000 Calorie Diet.

* Daily Value (DV) Not Established."


Purified water, potassium sorbate. Non GMO, Certified Vegan.

Allergen Info: contains no known allergens. Gluten Free.

Also contains over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals as found in the Great Salt Lake.


Shake well. Using the metered dropper, take 1 mL daily with juice or food to mask the concentrated mineral flavor. Do not refrigerate.

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