ONLY NATURAL: Dieter's Cleansing Tea Herbal 24 bag

Dieter's Cleansing Tea Herbal - 24 bag

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  • Contains mild herbal lubricants
  • Ensure proper elimination of waste
  • Reduces excessive water and fat buildup in the body
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Dieter's Cleansing Tea Herbal by Only Natural

Only Natural’s Dieter’s Tea contains mild herbal lubricants that ensure proper elimination of waste and reduces excessive water and fat buildup in the body. Only Naturals' herbal diet tea’s lubricants may result in healthy weight loss and increased regularity. Diet teas may help suppress hunger and assist in waste elimination. Only Natural’s Dieter’s Tea tastes great‚ too.

These herbs are selected for their ability to react to the build up of excessive deposits in the body facilitate the removal of body toxins.


Senna‚ Orange peel‚ Urva ursi‚ Alfalfa‚ Licorice root‚ Lemon peel.


Steep 1 tea bag for 2-4 minutes in hot water. Drink hot or cold‚ preferably after evening meal.

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