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Skullcap Herb Extract - 1 fl oz

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Make Sure Your Skull Cap is Genuine

Skull cap is a plant used to treat insomnia, and ease the symptoms of anxiety and nervous tension. It is not so much as a tranquilizer as a mild sedative, containing the flavonoid glycosides that offer these properties. It can also be used to help you to maintain a healthy heart and arteries, and also to reduce the effects of allergies and skin conditions such as acne. However, there are alternatives to the correct species Scuttelaria lateriflora, including a poisonous mushroom of the same name but different species.

If you just purchase 'Skull Cap', you could receive a bottle containing S. canescens (Western Skullcap), S. Cordiflois (Southern Skullcap) or even S. galericulatum (March Skullcap). You just check that are getting Scuttelaria lateriflora, because each type is different and contain different chemicals. It is S. lateriflora that we are discussing here and is the most commonly used herbal remedy.

There are two specific properties of the flavoglycosides contained within skull cap, these being its antioxidant properties and its mild sedative effects. Skull cap can therefore be used to treat the swelling of inflammation and also the anxiety and stress that seem to be part of the lives of so many people. Whatever your reason is for using it, make sure you are purchasing Scuttelaria lateriflora and nothing else.

Skullcap Herb Category: Organic Alcohol Fluid Extract
12-15% certified organic alcohol Serving size: 1-2mL, 3x daily
Each serving contains: Skullcap herb extract (1:1)
2,000mg Promotes Relaxation Kosher Bio-Chelated® UPC
Code MSRP Size 0-83000-00499-5 $10.99 1 ounce
0-83000-00502-2 $20.99 2 ounce

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