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Echinacea & Goldenseal Category: Combination; Alcohol
Free Extract Serving size: 1mL, 3x daily Each serving
contains: 1,000mg of Extract of E. angustifolia root (1:1) E.
purpurea whole plant (1:1) Guaranteed to contain the equivalent
of 10mg of total phenols; Goldenseal root extract (1:2)
Guaranteed to contain a minimum of 5mg of Hydrastine and 10mg of
Berberine Promotes Immune Health Kosher
Bio-Chelated® UPC Code MSRP Size 0-83000-00759-0 $10.99 1
ounce 0-83000-00761-3 $19.99 2 ounce 0-83000-00762-0 $39.99
4 ounce

'This product is recommended for those who have weak immune system. So this promotes immune health. Our immune system is helping our body to prevent it from getting sick. Different kinds of diseases are around us. But we can avoid them by taking this vitamins. This is highly recommended because it is alcohol-free. The best thing to do so we will get the best out of the vitamins is to follow dosage and doctor's advice. Taking this vitamins can boost the immune system and provides great results, especially in our daily activities. As they always say, prevention is better than cure.
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