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Passion Flower Helps You Sleep

If you check out most commercial sleeping preparations you will find two components that figure regularly: valerian and passion flower, with hops also appearing in many preparations. The problem with commercial sleeping aids is that they can be expensive, and, while their science is sound, it is still an expensive way to get to sleep. Why not stick to the powerful passion flower that offers a natural means of calming the activity of your brain, and reducing any hyperactive or anxiety tendencies you may have.

The way passion flower works is vague, although it appears to affect the activity of the neurotransmitters within your brain. There is a substance that your body synthesizes known as gamma -aminobutyric acid that acts as what is referred to as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, so called because it inhibits or clams down the extremes of your brain's activity. So if you are subject to being hyperactive at times, GABA will stop this by depressing the activity of your brain that causes it.

The same with anxiety - excessive anxiety is reduced, and if you cannot sleep at night, then you can also get anxious, and passion flower can be used to reduce that tendency and help you to sleep. Try it out if you feel always on edge, a bit manic at times or cannot sleep well at night. Passion flower extract will help you with many forms of tension and overactivity.

Passionflower Extract Category: Capsules: Standardized
extracts Vegetarian Capsule Serving size: 2 capsules, 1x
daily Each Serving Contains: Standardized Passionflower
extract (3.5%-4% flavonoids as isovitexin) 500 mg Standardized
Extract Promotes Tranquility Kosher UPC Code MSRP
Size 0-83000-16421-7 $10.99 60 Capsules

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