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Urinary Tract Relief for Burning and Pain!

UTI Care

UTI-Care naturally helps relieve painful and annoying urinary tract symptoms including burning and pain when urinating, bladder iffitation and a strong urge to urinate day or night.  In addition to cranberry, UTI Care contains d-Mannose and many other nutrient-rich ingredients specifically formulated to help with urinary tract symptoms.  Don’t wait until it’s to late!  Will you have UTI-Care on your shelf when you need it?

No urinary problems for 3 months and counting! I learned about UTI Care from a friend who also suffers from urinary problems.  I used to get a urinary tract infection about every other month.  My friend was taking a maintenance dose of UTI Care every day with success, so I started the same regimen.  It’s been 3 months and I feel great.  Safe and Natural!” Sheila C., GA


Count: 60 Capsules Natural remedy to help relieve painful
and annoying urinary tract symptoms including burning and pain
when urinating, bladder irritation and a strong urge to urinate
day or night, after diagnosis by a doctor. Women have the
highest risk, most will have more than one occurrence and many
will be troubled the rest of their life. Find success using
Uti-Care on a regular basis to maintain a healthy urinary tract.
Active Ingredients and Symptoms: Apis mellifica - 3x, 6x,
12x, 30x: Burning and soreness when urinating, dysuria with
stinging pains, last drops burn and smart, inflammation of
kidneys, frequent and involuntary, incontinence. Cantharis -
3x, 6x, 12x, 30x: Constant, painful, desire to urinate,
intolerable tenesmus, cutting before during and after urinating,
violent inflammations, bladder irritation. Mercurius
corrosivus - 6x: Intense burning in urethra, stabbing pain
extending up urethra into bladder, perspiration after urinating,
urine hot, burning, passes drop by drop. Phosphorus -6x,
12x, 30x: Frequent urination, urine profuse pale, watery, then
weakness, turbid, brown with red sediment, female burning,
watery, offensive discharge. Terebinthina -6x: Burning,
drawing pain in region of kidney, bleeding bladder, urine smokey
with coffee grounds or thick, yellow, slimy, muddy sediment,
scanty, suppressed urine, urinary symptoms, inflammation of
kidney. Thlaspi bursa -3x, 6x: Kidney, colic and stones,
urine heavy, phosphatic, urine runs away in little jets,
frequent desire, chronic systitis, urethritis, spasmodic
retention. Triticum repens - 3x: Irritability of the
bladder, cystitis, frequent, difficult, and painful urination,
chronic cystic irritability, incontinence, constant desire,
urine is dense and causes irritation of the mucous surfaces.
Other Ingredients: Arginine HCL, Ascorbic Acid, Birch
Leaf, Capsule (gelatin, purified water, glycerin, titanium
dioxide), Cranberry, d-Mannose, Magnesium Stearate, MSM,

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