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HeartCare™ Description HeartCare contains the worlds
most trusted and extensively researched hawthorn extract, backed
by over 50 years of study. It contains a unique extract
standardized to 19% oligomeric procyanidins (taken from the
plant's leaves and flowers). Usage HeartCare improves blood
and nutrient flow to the heart muscle. It also supports
efficient circulation and blood flow to the heart by reducing
flow resistance in the peripheral blood vessel. HeartCare is
especially recommended for mature adults concerned about
maintaining physical and cardiovascular performance as they
age.* Recommended Daily Dosage Take 1 HeartCare tablet twice
daily with water. For intensive use, take up to two tablets
three times daily. Best results are obtained with continual
use. The following list is for serving size of 1
tablet Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA HeartCare,
hawthorn dried extract (19% oligomeric procyanidins) 80 mg 0%

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