NATURE'S WAY: Ginkgold Max 120mg 60 tabs

Ginkgold Max 120mg - 60 tabs

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  • 120mg per serving, strongest ginkgo extract on the market.
  • Activates all areas of the brain.*
  • for Mental Sharpness, Memory and Concentration.
  • Once Daily Formula.
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Ginkgold MAX 120 mg (once per day ginkgo biloba extract)


Ginkgold is the original and patented ginkgo extract (U.S. patent #5399348). For years, it has been a best selling natural health care product in Europe and the United States. And it's the only ginkgo extract used and recommended by doctors and other healthcare professionals in over 70 countries, outselling all other ginkgo products combined worldwide.


For mental sharpness, memory & concentration Ginkgold improves mental sharpness, concentration, memory and cognitive activity. It also supports healthy circulation to the brain as well as the extremities. And, it maintains healthy blood vessel tone and reduces blood viscosity.*

Recommended Daily Dosage

Take 1 tablet daily with water at mealtimes. For intensive use: Take 2 tablets daily

The following list is for serving size of 1 tablet

Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA

patented ginkgo biloba dried extract 120 mg 0%

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