NEW NORDIC US INC: Blue Berry Eyebright to Strengthen the Vision 60 tab

Blue Berry Eyebright to Strengthen the Vision - 60 tab

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  • Dietary Supplement
  • Helps increase the levels of macular pigmentation in the eyes
  • Helps protect and strengthen the vision
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Blue Berry Eyebright to Strengthen the Vision by New Nordic US, Inc.

Helps protect and support the vision and increases levels of macular pigmentation in the eyes. Highly concentrated blueberry tablets with high content of bio-active anthocyanins and natural lutein which help maintain a healthy macula of the eye.

Provides 10 milligram of lutein per daily dosage. Provides high concentrations of blueberry. Helps maintain a healthy macula of the eye.


Serving size: 2 tablets
Serving per container: 30

European Blueberry Extract - Vaccinum myrtillus L. 5:1 (fruit): 400 mg
Eyebright Extract - Euphrasia officinalis L. 5:1 (whole herb): 200 mg
Marigold Extract - Calendula officinalisL. (standardized to contain 20% lutein): 50 mg
Grape Seed - Vitis Vinifera L. (Extract 25:1): 40 mg

Lutein: Found in marigold flowers, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. According to clinical studies you should take at least 6 mg of lutein per day. This is done most easily by taking a supplement.
Blueberries: Known from Second World War when the fighter pilots were eating carotenes (carrots, berries) before their raids to better their night sight. Blueberries are also rich in flavonoids, which are good for the small blood vessels.
Grape seeds: Strong flavonoids that strong anti-oxidants, which will counteract the damaging effects of free radicals.
Eyebright: According to old folk medicine, the plant eyebright was good for the mucous membranes of the eye. Many elderly people have problems with dry eyes and eyebright can help get a better balance in the mucous membranes and avoid irritation of the eyes.


2 tablets daily with a glass of water.

This product is free from sugar, salt, gluten, yeast, soya and dairy products and is formulated without the use of preservatives, flavours or colours of any kind. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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