North American Herb And Spice: BoneFlex 16.9 oz

BoneFlex - 16.9 oz

by   North American Herb And Spice
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  • Flexibility Support
  • For optimal health and bone/joint support
  • Healthy Bone Strength
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BoneFlex by North American Herb And Spice

BoneFlex Omega Bone Oil-Plus is a powerful complex of potent, raw, cold-pressed oils, including the rare Amazon-source sachi inchi oil, raw, organic hemp seed oil, and raw cranberry seed oil. All of these oils are rich in essential fatty acids and key nutrients needed for bone health and flexibility. Known nutritionally as linoleic acid, linolenic acid, gamma linolenic acid, and stearidonic acid, these essential fatty acids are all found in BoneFlex. It is the most complete bone flexibility-supporting omega fatty acid supplement known, containing both omega 3s and omega 6s.

For optimal health and bone/joint support take BoneFlex every day. Enjoy your life and mobility through the nutrition balancing power of these potent, nourishing, and health-supporting fatty acids, crucial for the metabolism of all cells of the body. That’s why it is called BoneFlex Omega Bone Oil-Plus. Always remember that bone support is based on powerful chemicals known as monoterpenes, phenolic compounds, and proanthocyanidins. BoneFlex is the only essential fatty acid supplement rich in these compounds. For best results take with Bone Activ capsules.


As a whole food, bone health-supporting oil, take 1 or more tbsp. daily. Add to smoothies and vegetable juice. Mix in cottage cheese.

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