Celtic Sea Salt: Rare Body Oil Pulling 7.5 oz

Rare Body Oil Pulling - 7.5 oz

by   Celtic Sea Salt
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  • Essential Mineral and Oil
  • For Whiter Teeth
  • Fresh Taste
  • Gluten Free
  • Oral Health

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Celtic Sea Salt Rare Body Oil Pulling - 7.5 oz
Swish de Coco™ was formulated by the granddaughters of Jacques and Yvette Delangre, the founders of the Celtic Sea Salt® brand and is an ancient Ayurveda practice known as Oil Pulling, the 'swishing" around of oil in a person's mouth known for reducing plaques, removing bad bacteria, freshening breath, creating whiter teeth and healthier gums.

Suggested Use
Step 1:
Put a spoonful of Swish de Coco™ in mouth.
Step 2: Swish it for 5-20 minutes.
Step 3: Spit out in a trash can, rinse with warm water and feel coco-mint fresh!

Other Ingredients
Coconut oil and Proprietary oil blend

Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children.

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