Foods Alive: Organic Golden Flax Seeds 14 oz

Organic Golden Flax Seeds - 14 oz

by   Foods Alive
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  • Golden, Nutty Flavor
  • Great source for enzymes and nutrients
  • Non GMO
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Organic Golden Flax Seeds by Foods Alive

Foods Alive believes the best tasting flaxseed comes from the most mineral and nutrient rich soil. To ensure the products have the best quality, taste and nutrition possible for your family, they golden flaxseed samples are received from numerous certified organic farmers. Each sample is visually inspected to find the cleanest seeds. Then, after visual approval, the seeds are made into small batches of crackers and cold-pressed into oil for taste testing.

Flax is a great source for enzymes and nutrients that your body needs including fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 EFA's and the valuable flax lignans Raw flaxseed should be ground or soaked to help break down the hard outer shell. then it can be mixed into oatmeal, yogurt or anywhere you want a nutty flavor!

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