PLANETARY HERBALS: Minor Pain Relief with Humulex 90 tabs

Minor Pain Relief with Humulex - 90 tabs

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Stress. Tension. Aches and minor pains. No, they don’t have to
be accepted as part of modern life. Planetary Herbals brings you
MINOR PAIN RELIEF, a safe, effective herbal formula that soothes
minor pain, inhibits COX-2 inflammatory response, and
strengthens the body with antioxidants. The formula contains
corydalis, from Chinese herbalism; hops from European herbal
traditions; willow bark, used for centuries for natural minor
pain relief; and ginger, which supports the body’s healthy
defenses, soothes minor pain, and fortifies with powerful
antioxidants and COX-2 inhibitors. This remedy is neither
habit forming nor irritating to the stomach. Planetary Herbals
is pleased to bring you this safe, effective remedy to support
your health and well-being.

1 Tablet contains: Sodium 5mg Total Carbohydrates 1
gram Dietary Fiber 1 gram Vitamin C 50mg Calcium
38mg Proprietary Blend 1.45 grams Hops Aerial Parts
Extract (Yielding 150mg Humulex Alpha Acids [IsoOxygene]),
Corydalis Yanhusuo Tuber, White willow bark Extract (Yielding
60mg Salicin), Ginger Root Extract (5% Gingerol). Suggested
Use: 2 Tablets twice daily. *IsoOxygene is a Trakemark of
Lipoprotein Technologies, Inc.

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