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Swedish Bitters contains a combination of herbs suggested to
help cleanse the system, promote regularity, improve digestion,
soothe the system, tone the liver, and increase energy.
Swedish Bitters secret formula rediscovered. Lost for
centuries, the secret herbal formula Swedish Bitters, created by
Paracelsus in the 16th century, was rediscovered by a
distinguished Austrian herbalist. Since then NatureWorks Swedish
Bitters has won enthusiastic praise from millions of Europeans
as the definitive herbal elixir. NatureWorks Swedish Bitters is
an artfully blended extract of selected herbs of unsurpassed
quality. We make the extract and analyze it in our laboratory to
assure you of unquestionable purity and optimum potency. Swedish
Bitters is the most remarkable traditional European herbal
extract. NatureWorks Swedish Bitters is now in America.
Ingredients: Calories 22 Total Carbohydrate < 1 g; Manna
(stem); Fraxinus ornus (L) 117 mg; Angelica (root) 89 mg;
Zedoary (root) 74 mg; Aloe (leaves) 67 mg; Rhubarb (root) 67 mg;
Senna (leaves) 67 mg; Myrrh (stem) 37 mg; Carline Thistle
(root); Carlina Acaulis (L) 33 mg; Camphor 17 mg; Balck
Snakeroot (root); Rhizoma Cimicifugae (L) 15 mg; Valerian (root)
7.4 mg; Cinnamon (bark) 7.4 mg; Cardamon (fruit) 3.7 mg; Saffron
(pistil) 1.3 mg Instructions: Adults and children over 15
years of age take 1-2 teaspoons daily or improved health and
overall well being. For an exciting beverage alternative add
Swedish Bitters to a cup of herbal tea, like Chamomile or
Peppermint, or a glass of your favorite fruit juice.

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