SUNCOAT PRODUCTS INC: Natural Nail Salon Kit Forever Sparkle 1 kit

Natural Nail Salon Kit Forever Sparkle - 1 kit

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  • Natural & Non-toxic
  • Odourless, Peel-off, 100% Voc Free, No Nail Polish Remover Needed
  • Water-based nail polish
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Natural Nail Salon Kit Forever Sparkle by Suncoat Products Inc.

Safe & Fun; Natural & Easy. Made from equal parts natures finest, innovative science and a dash of mothers love, Suncoat girl is created by a Canadian organic and polymer chemist Yingch Liu - Yung for short - when her daughters wanted to paint their nails up pretty. Put off by all the poison in the typical bottle of nail polish, Ying took her scientific smarts to task and developed the first ever non-toxic, natural formula thats just as effective and quick drying as the smelly stuff, but great for nails, the world and the environment.

The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2011 WINNER


Add 1-2 drops of water when the nail polish is too thick. Apply 2-3 thin layers, allow drying between coats. To change colour: soak nail in warm water 2-3 minutes, peel off the nail polish from one corner. Nail Polish remover is NOT needed Easy to change colour: peels off when ready. Durable: lasts for many days.


Contents: 2pcs water-based Nail Polish (8ml/0.27 oz/each, 1pc mineral eyeshadow, 1 pc all natural lip shimmer and 1 page nail decals.

Cherry flavoured natural lip shimmer. Naturally flavoured and enriched with vitamin E, hydrating, nourishing and shiny. No chemical preserative, no synthetic chemicals, no artificial flavours.

Mineral eye shadow. Sparkly and fun. Made with mineral pegments and certified oragnic corn starch. Talc free, no chemical presevatives. Odourless, water-based peelable formulas. Will not stain nails. No yellowing. No toxic chemical fumes. 100% VOC (chemical solvent) free.

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