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Menopause Multiple™

Bio-Aligned Formula™ * Comprehensive Multiple for Women in Menopause
Menopause involves much more than hot flashes and mood swings. This time of transition places unique nutritional demands on women's multiple body systems. Menopause Multiple is a Bio-Aligned Formula that brings together premier phytonutrients and herbs including genistein, black cohosh, and vitex, plus vitamins and minerals known to support the biochemistry of mature women.
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 3 tablets
  Amount %DV
  Vitamin A (as beta carotene 6,500 IU & palmitate 3,500 IU) 10000 IU 2  
  Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid, calcium & magnesium ascorbates) 500 mg 8.3  
  Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol) 200 IU 0.5  
  Vitamin E (as natural D-alpha tocopheryl) 200 IU 6.6  
  Thiamin (vitamin B-1) 25 mg 6.6  
  Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) 25 mg 14.7  
  Niacinamide 25 mg 1.2  
  Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCl) 25 mg 12.5  
  Folate (as folic acid) 300 mcg 0.7  
  Vitamin B-12 (as cyanocobalamin) 25 mcg 4.2  
  Biotin 100 mcg 0.3  
  Pantothenic Acid (as calcium D-pantothenate) 35 mg 3.5  
  Calcium (as calcium carbonate, citrate & ascorbate) 180 mg 0.15  
  Magnesium (as magnesium malate, taurinate oxide & ascorbate) 200 mg 0.5  
  Zinc (as zinc monomethionine [OptiZinc®]) 6 mg 0.4  
  Selenium (as L-selenomethionine) 100 mcg 1.4  
  Manganese (as manganese citrate) 1 mg 0.5  
  Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate [ChromeMate®] & picolinate) 100 mcg 0.8  
  Genistein-Rich Soy Bean Concentrate 1 g    
  (SoyLife™) Yielding:      
  Daidzein 17 mg    
  Glycitein 10 mg    
  Genistein 4 mg    
  Total Isoflavones 31 mg    
  Taurine (as magnesium taurinate) 232 mg    
  Black Cohosh Root Ext. 2.5% (CimiPure™) 80 mg  
  Yielding 2 mg Triterpene Glycosides      
  (containing 27-deoxyactein)      
  Vitex Berry Extract 75 mg  
  Dong Quai Root Extract 50 mg  
  N-Acetyl Cysteine 50 mg  
  Milk Thistle Seed Extract 36 mg  
  Yielding 30 mg Silymarin      
  alpha-Lipoic Acid 15 mg  
  Ginkgo biloba Leaf 24% (50:1 Extract) 10 mg    
  Coenzyme Q10 7.5 mg  
  Licorice Root Extract 7.5 mg  
  Boron (as amino acid chelate) 1.5 mg  

Other Ingredients: stearic acid, acacia (vegetable gum), modified cellulose gum, colloidal silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate.

Warning: Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are diabetic, consult your health care professional before using this product.

Suggested Use: 2 to 3 tablets twice daily with meals.

Contains no egg, gluten, or wheat. Contains no artificial color, flavor or fragrance.

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